Adliterate has been delivering radical thinking for the brand advice business for over a decade. It is concerned with the future of advertising and marketing, the impact of technology and the nature of potent brands. It takes a radical view in order to solve deep seated problems and it sets its self against orthodoxy in any form. It also aims to be deliberately provocative.

Because life is more fun that way.


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Does every brand need a purpose?

Does every brand need a purpose?

Gold Blend coffee has a new campaign. You’ll know if you live in any remotely built up part of the UK because the media buy is impressive. And it has to be said that it has caused a bit of a stir in the planning community. Now I accept that a bunch of North London...
Welcome to the new look adliterate

Welcome to the new look adliterate

After seven years of the original adliterate I have given it a bit of spit and polish. Although I had a fondness its ‘held together with string and blu-tak’ look the truth is the user experience was getting distinctly shonky and the woeful lack of professionalism was a source of personal shame. So I have...
Small Birthday celebration

Small Birthday celebration

In March adliterate turned six making it slightly younger than my oldest son and slightly older than my youngest. In fact I bought the domain name on the 4th March 2005 at the height of the excitement about Web 2.0 and in the early days of the plannersphere but before we had even heard of...

How postmodern is this?

So this is the link to the electronic flip book version of the newspaper version of the best of this blog. Talk about milking a bit of content some of which is six years old! But hell why not. Big thanks to newspaper club for making the review possible and Saatchi &...
Adliterate in the flesh

Adliterate in the flesh

A few years ago Paul Colman tried to sell a print out of this blog on Ebay. As far as I am aware no one was remotely interested. undaunted by this I have collected together the ‘best’ posts from adliterate over the past six years and had those lovely people at Newspaper Club print it....
Now thats what I call co-creation 2

Now thats what I call co-creation 2

After the huge success of the co-authored Age of Conversation last year, it is back but bigger and better. This year 237 authors from 15 countries have put their minds to the subject of ‘why don’t they get it’, with each author contributing a chapter. I have written a manifesto which highlights the real distinction...
Orwell - the father of blogging

Orwell – the father of blogging

I have long maintained that the father of blogging was George Orwell. As a prolific diarist and essayist he mastered the blog post form over half a century before the rest of us and before technology caught up with his output. And now he has one courtesy of academics at the University of Westmister and...

Three years young


Image courtesy of Below Zero.

Forgive this self indulgent post but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has helped adliterate stay the course for three years this month, whether commenting, linking or reading. Self evidently I couldn't do it without you.

In particular your comments that offer...

The adliterate address 2008

Greetings adliterate readers everywhere and a belated happy New Year.

I'm not in the habit of writing self referential posts but a little bit of an agenda for the year never goes amiss.

2008 marks the third year in the life of this website, starting as it did in March 2005. And my sincere hope is that...

Blogging goes mainstream

For a while now Todd Andrlick has been compiling a weekly ranking of Marketing blogs called the Power 150. Earlier this year he expanded it outside the US to create a Global Power 150, and for the first time blogs like Russell's, John's, Gavin's,James' and mine got included.

So authoritative...

Now thats what I call collective intelligence

A while ago Gavin Heaton and Drew Mc Lellan asked a bunch of us bloggers to contribute to an e-book about the Age of Conversation. We were each to contribute a chapter of 400 words about our take on the subject. As more people got excited about the project...

Adliterate is back

golden gate.jpg

That bridge shot from the Marin Headlands as the fog rushes into the bay. Image courtesy of John Curley

Been on my hols in the extraordinary and beautiful San Francisco. Clearly unable to post while in a California state of mind on account of feeling too damn nice...