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Harrison on Gossage

Harrison on Gossage

I am having a Howard Gossage love-in at the moment – complete with Gossage quotes on twitter and Gossage ads on Pinterest. This has been inspired by Steve Harrison (of Ogilvy, Harrison Patten Troughton and Wunderman fame) whose book on the San Francisco advertising legend has just been published. A copy turned up at work...
Small book, big ad

Small book, big ad

Think Small. This version by Helmut Krone and Bob Levenson. I have just received the most delightful book in the post from Switzerland. ‘Think small, the story of the World’s greatest ad’, written by Dominik Imseng, tells the full story of DDB’s iconic Think Small press advertisement for the VW Beetle. And the emphasis is...
Hegarty on Advertising

Hegarty on Advertising

Image courtesy of Johnnie Walker Espana. “Do not go gentle into the good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light” Dylan Thomas. Sir John Hegarty’s thoughts and memoirs, packaged together in Hegarty on Advertising (Thames and Hudson), must be amongst the most eagerly awaited stories from the world of advertising. This is...
Douglas Holt has come to save us all...again

Douglas Holt has come to save us all…again

Bureaucracy by Dan_DC. A few years ago I wrote a post about Douglas Holt and his then new book ‘how brands become icons’. The post was called ‘Douglas Holt has come to save us all’ and he may well have pulled this off a second time with his latest book ‘Cultural strategy’.

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