Monthly archive March, 2005


Will your brand have a voice in the fast forward future?

If 92% of all ads are zapped when TV is watched off a PVR hard disk what are the implications for advertising? This presentation offers a number of ideas and scenarios about the implications of PVRs on brand communications. If you download you will get the straight powerpoint charts however, if you then save the...

Here come the meme doctors

People have talked about the value of the meme concept in advertising for a while. I like to think I have gone that bit further, suggesting that we substitute memes for the brand concept wholesale.

The ads are as good as the programmes

A gloriously simple chart based on TGI data that indicates exactly why people might want to use PVRs to zap ads. It was originally given to me by John Lowery – Planning Director at Grey. Download file

The folly of associated involvement

Associated involvement is the term I give the collection of advertising techniques that includes sponsorship, product placement and advertising-funded programming. While they are clearly enjoying a purple patch at the moment it is sheer folly to imagine that they are the answer to the challenges that advertising is facing. Getting your brand to rub shoulders...

PVRs – the stats

– Number of Sky+ PVRs in the UK – 1.3m out of 8m subscribers. – Sky estimate for the penetration of PVR type devices in the UK by 2010 – 34%. – Amount of TV watched off the disk in PVR households – 40-60% (UK and US data). – Amount of ads zapped when watching...

Monopoly, magic and meaning – the enduring power of advertising

I am advertising's number one fan. Despite all the issues that its faces it still delivers three things to businesses uniquely well - monopoly, magic and meaning. This article is based on a talk to the UK Financial Services Forum in February 2005 about which marketing discipline should get the lion's share of the marketing...

The ethics of marketing to children

What are the ethics of marketing to children? This article is a little old and pre-dates the obesity debate now gripping the ad industry, but I think the central idea is still fresh. It suggests that when it comes to the ethics of marketing to children we should move the debate from which categories are...

Guerilla marketing get lost

I have a belief about the ethics of advertising. I think that advertising should benefit the consumer even if they choose to totally ignore it. That benefit might be a free televison programme, a dramatically subsidised newspaper or magazine, lower tube fares or regular rubbish collections. In a sense this is the permission that we...

Ad zapping article from New Zealand

Article from Marketing magazine in New Zealand about the effect of PVRs on UK television advertising. It references my concept of Brand Darwinism and the immediate steps advertisers might take to prepare for the PVR future. Download file

Creating responsible desire

This is some thinking I did about ethics and advertising around the beginning of the decade. It lead to the idea that in order to promote sustainability (the ultimate aim of any business) advertising has to find ways to create desire more responsibly. This paper tries to explore the issues that surround this idea.