The Last Judgement by Rubens 1577 – 1640

So here is the idea.
We love great thinking. We love great work. We believe great thinking and great work works. Right. So the idea behind the advocate is that we nominate a campaign we love and then we call upon the planner, creatives, agency or client concerned to tell us whether it worked.
Unusually for adliterate it will not be about pouring scorn on rubbish work – hell we have the Strategy Cow for that. No it will be a way of knowing that the work we like does the job.
Oh and before you witter on about the IPA Effectiveness Awards providing the answer, it doesn’t. It only judges people with enough time on their hands (or a big enough freelance planning budget) to enter and last time they gave the grand prix to O2. Ou est le thinking? Le thinking est dans l’arbre avec le singe.
We will do one a month and if we get a satisfactory answer I will send the person concerned a new, improved Strategy Cow since I have secured a source of finest fresian, say no more.
Nominations for September’s advocate are now open.
Picture courtesy of the web gallery of art

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