Brands rush in where angels fear to tread

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The The Charge of the Light Brigade is in so many ways a lesson for brands that think about social media as just another channel.

As you may know my basic philosophy about brands and web 2.0 is proceed…with caution. Social media is unfamiliar territory for brands and their representatives – largely because the rules are created by the community not the communicators – and they should stear well clear unless they know exactly what they are doing.

A brand is a business person’s best friend


Gill Sans – Eric Gill’s seminal typeface and as simple and elegant as this little presentation (which is in Tahoma).

A client asked me recently to put together a quick presentation on why brands were a good idea. I bashed this out largely ignoring all Russell’s powerpoint rules.
I think it has a simple (naive even) elegance. See what you think – you can veiw it here and download it if you can be bothered to.

By the way wikipedia has an excellent Eric Gill quote “First I think, then I draw my think”. From now on I am going to adopt the phrase ‘First I think, then I write my think’.

Download file

Good piece in the Guardian’s comment is free blog by Neil Borman about his buring of the brands – kind of illustrates my point really.

Bored witless

Wagner’s Ring Cycle (Der Ring des Nibelungen) – considerably less likely to induce boredom than this years IPA effectiveness shortlist.

How ironic. Just as we were wrapping up our discussion about the efficacy of the Honda ‘Power of Dreams’ idea the IPA announces their shortlist for this year’s effectiveness awards.
As awards shortlists go it is as thrilling and exciting a compendium of advertising achievement as it is possible to muster and I can’t wait to read each and every one of these powerful case studies.
In opposite land!

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