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The Advocate - October

The Advocate – October

Photo courtesy of Balls is clearly much less of a campaign than Honda’s ‘Power of Dreams’ but as one off TV commericals go really rather good. And it has a sequel in post at the moment involving semtex and paint that is quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated piece of work in advertising history –...

Brands rush in where angels fear to tread

light brigade.jpg The The Charge of the Light Brigade is in so many ways a lesson for brands that think about social media as just another channel.

As you may know my basic philosophy about brands and web 2.0 is proceed...with caution. Social media is unfamiliar territory for brands and...

Universal advertising formula


Great advocates of our time No1.

dibnah.jpg Fred Dibnah - steeplejack and an advocate of Britain's industrial heritage. He would have hated all of us but that doesn't stop us loving him.

After a feisty exchange about Honda it is time to think about which campaign to advocate for October. The rules are emerging slowly.

Are we the new miners?

I am not given to pessimism about this business but I had a premonition the other day.

A brand is a business person’s best friend


Gill Sans - Eric Gill's seminal typeface and as simple and elegant as this little presentation (which is in Tahoma).

A client asked me recently to put together a quick presentation on why brands were a good idea. I bashed this out largely ignoring all Russell's powerpoint rules. I think it...

Bored witless

wagner.jpg Wagner's Ring Cycle (Der Ring des Nibelungen) - considerably less likely to induce boredom than this years IPA effectiveness shortlist.

How ironic. Just as we were wrapping up our discussion about the efficacy of the Honda ‘Power of Dreams’ idea the IPA announces their shortlist for this year’s effectiveness...