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The Advocate - February

The Advocate – February

Let’s play guess the brand. Photo courtesy of Lolapaipro As you can tell from the Brand Catwalk strand I am interested in the qualities that make for potent new brands. They appear, seemingly out of nowhere, purpose built for the new brand landscape and dripping in authenticity, product performance and points of view. But what...

The Brand Catwalk – Hendrick’s

Hendrick's bottle  290107.JPG Hendrick's Gin in its signature apothecaries bottle.

Hurtling down the Brand Catwalk this week is that small but perfectly formed premium gin, Hendrick's and its one-brand assualt on, what Malcolm Gluck famously called, the Daily Telegraph Obituaries column image of gin and gin drinkers.


The media shall inherit the earth

divinelorraine_septabus.jpg The N.W. Ayer buiding in Philadelphia, an art deco masterpiece. N.W. Ayer was founded in 1869 and was the first advertising agency to create ads for clients rather than just book space for them.

I had a terrible premonition the other day.

I was waiting for a meeting at a prestigious London...

The Brand Catwalk – Riverford Organic Vegetables


Image courtesy of RuneT

From 1974 to 1982 I lived in a part of the UK called South Devon, in a village called Dartington.

My father farmed the next door estate to a place called Riverford Farm.

The curious case of the mushroom cloud

dr_strangelove_1ed07.jpg Peter Sellers in Kubrick's 1965 film, Dr Strangelove. Image from

A light little post for you after the death of planning ding dong.

Ever since I had my statcounter installed I have been able to tell the proportion of people coming from different countries. On the average day about...

Is blogging killing planning?

115788703_fcfb180e44.jpg Image courtesy of MrTruffle

There is a mood abroad, often fostered by non-blogging planners, that the emergence and popularity of planning blogs is killing the discipline.

I certainly feel that the community, like all communities, has begun to coalesce around specific 'new marketing' ideas that are in danger of becoming an...

Now this I like


Quick mini advocate ladies and gentlemen.

I think the holiday category is tough on the strategist - a commodified marketplace with loads of me too players driven by price.

But Lastminute's latest campaign is a real gem - they are encouraging hard working Britons to take 5 holidays and breaks a...

The advocate - January

The advocate – January

Those cheeky PG chimps The Advocate is usually dedicated to advocating the merits of an advertising campaign in an attempt to prove that the work that we love and instinctively believe in actually works. I’m plain out of this stuff at the moment – not much is floating my boat this January – so I...

The brand catwalk

blob2.jpg Each month I want to try and showcase a brand that has an interesting take on the market they operate in and ideally is built around a clear brand idea or ideal. The first candidate to send down the catwalk for your edification and scrutiny is Method, the US personal and...

As I please No.1

orwell.jpg “Announcing that the board of trade is about to remove the ban on turned-up trouser ends, a tailor's advertisement hails this as 'a first installment of the freedom for which we are fighting'. If we are really fighting for turned up trouser-ends, I should be inclined to be pro-Axis. Turn-ups...

We are all doomed

A while ago I stole a chart from the planning chief at Grey, John Lowery, and posted it. Well John can't have been too miffed as he has updated it for the 2006 data and sent it over. If you work in advertising (like me) the message is blatantly clear.

The adliterate address 2007

139582158_70e8b1c9ce.jpg Scream if you want to go faster.

Normal service has been resumed here at adliterate towers after an exhilarating yet restorative christmas break.

I for one have been itching to get back to the business of figuring out what to do with this business and throwing it at you bones and all.