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A tale of two retail experiences

Lots of nonsense is talked about brands.

Especially these days when the entire marketing community seems to have gone beardy weirdy, believing that cosumers and brands are now best buddies. This approach largely ignores the small issue of capitalism - the way that businesses extract a profit from the consumer.

For me the primary service a brand...

Blogging goes mainstream

For a while now Todd Andrlick has been compiling a weekly ranking of Marketing blogs called the Power 150. Earlier this year he expanded it outside the US to create a Global Power 150, and for the first time blogs like Russell's, John's, Gavin's,James' and mine got included.

So authoritative...

Let the BBC’s troubles be a lesson to us all

The BBC is in trouble.

It stands accused of endemic audience deception - most specifically over the fabrication of phone and interactive competitions where the participants have no chance of winning and the declared winners are either fictitious or members of the production staff.

Oh and there was some argy bargy about the Royal Family as well...

We won't make that mistake again

We won’t make that mistake again

Here is a naïve hope for the future.

That our personal and intimate involvement in the social media revolution will stop us making the mistakes of the past when it comes to applying the many and varied techniques, tools and applications of web 2.0 and beyond to our clients' brands.

Now thats what I call collective intelligence

A while ago Gavin Heaton and Drew Mc Lellan asked a bunch of us bloggers to contribute to an e-book about the Age of Conversation. We were each to contribute a chapter of 400 words about our take on the subject. As more people got excited about the project...

In defence of the brand monologue

The word monologue has acquired a rather pejorative meaning in the world of marketing.

Monologue, where the brand addresses an audience and puts forward its point of view (as happens in traditional one to many advertising), is seen to be out of step with the idea that markets are conversations and depend on a dialogue of...

The pen is mightier than the trackpad

I know this is way off topic but I can't help myself.

I got given a Wacom tablet for my birthday recently and I think I am in love.

It looks fantastic, its brilliant for drawing and as a way to zip around the screen it kicks seven types of shit out of my trackpad....

If you want it to work – care about it

I recently gave a talk at which I harangued the attentive and no doubt hugely appreciative audience about the enduring power of advertising – the things that it does that the other marketing disciplines can’t touch.