No more heroes any more

No more heroes any more

  The original Forward thinking motherfucker. I gave a little talk at an APG (Account Planning Group) event recently. It’s a regular series of talks called Noisy Thinking and I shared the bill with Craig Mawdsley, Rachel Hatton, Russell Davies and Malcolm White, a pretty impressive line up in the world of planning. I talked...
Harrison on Gossage

Harrison on Gossage

I am having a Howard Gossage love-in at the moment – complete with Gossage quotes on twitter and Gossage ads on Pinterest. This has been inspired by Steve Harrison (of Ogilvy, Harrison Patten Troughton and Wunderman fame) whose book on the San Francisco advertising legend has just been published. A copy turned up at work...
Gossage - the overlooked legend?

Gossage – the overlooked legend?

I have always felt it’s important to honour and respect the legends of our business. The Ogilvys, Bernbachs, Abbotts and Hegartys. Whatever one might think of their work now its clear to see that they were revolutionaries on their own times. But there is one legend that rarely gets the recognition that he deserves, certainly...
Orwell - the father of blogging

Orwell – the father of blogging

I have long maintained that the father of blogging was George Orwell. As a prolific diarist and essayist he mastered the blog post form over half a century before the rest of us and before technology caught up with his output. And now he has one courtesy of academics at the University of Westmister and...
Orwell's message to plannerkind

Orwell’s message to plannerkind

The original manuscript for Orwell’s 1984. Image courtesy of I’m rather enjoying George Orwell’s 1984 at the moment. Loads of stuff to ponder on including this rather wonderful passage that seems tailor made for my argument that quantitative research in marketing represents little more than quantitative speculation. Is appears in the section where Winston...

As I please No.1

orwell.jpg “Announcing that the board of trade is about to remove the ban on turned-up trouser ends, a tailor's advertisement hails this as 'a first installment of the freedom for which we are fighting'. If we are really fighting for turned up trouser-ends, I should be inclined to be pro-Axis. Turn-ups...
Our debt to Dawkins

Our debt to Dawkins

Richard Dawkins seems to be the hit of the moment in the plannersphere. In particular Wistlethroughyourcomb has an excellent post on the Selfish Gene (Dawkins’s legendary first book) and its lessons for viral marketing. Meanwhile I am gleefully enjoying his latest book – The God Delusion.