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Credit where it's due

Credit where it’s due

John Lewis on London’s Oxford Street. Image courtesy of Timothygareth This is the new John Lewis ad from Adam & Eve. I guess in a way is easypeasy to create emotional advertising for John Lewis, after all thats what we got in spades last Christmas with the ‘sweet child of mine’ spot. Trickier to do...
The Advocate - January

The Advocate – January

Image courtesy of Threeminds. Ah yes, the advocate. I have let it fall a bit by the wayside recently but the new year seems a good time to get it going again and on Cadbury’s of course because we can now start to get a feel for whether the work was strategic folly or enormously...
The Advocate - February

The Advocate – February

Let’s play guess the brand. Photo courtesy of Lolapaipro As you can tell from the Brand Catwalk strand I am interested in the qualities that make for potent new brands. They appear, seemingly out of nowhere, purpose built for the new brand landscape and dripping in authenticity, product performance and points of view. But what...
The advocate - January

The advocate – January

Those cheeky PG chimps The Advocate is usually dedicated to advocating the merits of an advertising campaign in an attempt to prove that the work that we love and instinctively believe in actually works. I’m plain out of this stuff at the moment – not much is floating my boat this January – so I...
The Advocate - December

The Advocate – December

This month I want to advocate Jamie Oliver’s favourite supermarket, or at least their latest campaign – Try Something New Today. I want to suggest that at long last Sainsbury’s has a proper brand idea around which to organise themselves and that this is paying off – big time. You may of course diasgree. Usual...
The Advocate - November

The Advocate – November

The Advocate - October

The Advocate – October

Photo courtesy of Balls is clearly much less of a campaign than Honda’s ‘Power of Dreams’ but as one off TV commericals go really rather good. And it has a sequel in post at the moment involving semtex and paint that is quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated piece of work in advertising history –...
The Advocate - September

The Advocate – September

Grrr.jpg The first candidate for the Advocate is Honda. Loads of people wanted to talk about it and there already seems to be some healthy debate on the subject - thankyou Neil and John. Let me pin my colours to the mast. I think what Honda and W+K have done...
The advocate

The advocate

The Last Judgement by Rubens 1577 – 1640 So here is the idea. We love great thinking. We love great work. We believe great thinking and great work works. Right. So the idea behind the advocate is that we nominate a campaign we love and then we call upon the planner, creatives, agency or client...