Very select links

Russell Davies' site
Fantastic, but you knew that already

The Account Planning Group
The professional body for planners in the UK and home of the APG Creative Strategy Awards.

IPA Strategy Group
The IPA now has a strategy group debating the nature and future of strategy in communications.

Brand New
Gareth Kay is the Planning Director of Modernista in Boston and this is his blog on brands.

The Cluetrain Manifesto
Created way back in 1999 but I'm still a devotee. 95 theses about the way businesses need to behave in a wired world.

Edward Tufte
Quant genius and powerpoint hater.

Presentation Zen
Tufte for beginners - actionable, clear and compelling thinking for making better presentations.

Gaping void
Blogging guru Hugh McCleod goes feral on the bloggosphere
Malcolm Gladwell's site. Still hoping I will wake up one day and be him.

The original - nuff said

Head heritage
Way off topic but this is the website for Julian Cope, the self styled Forward Thinking Motherfucker aka the Arch Drude aka Lord Yatesbury.