For what its worth

The post on Client briefs and briefings seems to have got a bit of interest so I thought I'd make available a rudimetary briefing format for Clients to agencies.

I'm sure that it's not perfect but it may help, especially if your clients or you as a client don't have an approach to briefing that is set in concrete.

What is the business objective?
This is the business outcome required from the activity. It roots everything we do in a clear business context and ensures the agency understands the bigger picture.

How are we going to achieve this?
This is the way that we believe that communications can have an impact on those objectives. This makes sure that the task for communications is credible.

Who will we need to convince in order for this to happen?
The target audience for the activity. Not the creative target but the clear volume opportunity. What do we know about them that is absolutely relevant to achieving the desired outcome. Keep it as objective as possible.

What behaviour do we want them to exhibit?
We always seek to change behaviour not just attitudes and so we need to understand what this group need to do in order that we meet our objective.

What is stopping them doing this at the moment?
What are the barriers – rational or emotional – that are getting in the way of our desired outcome? What do they believe or feel that isn’t particularly helpful to us.

What rational proof can we offer them to help change their behaviour?
What would make a real difference to people if only they knew about it. These are the proof points with which we can depth charge our activity.

How do we want them to feel as a result of our activity?
The emotion we want to create. Do we want them to feel reassured, surprised, joyous, excited, sad or angry?

What requirements do we have?
What are the specific deliverables that are expected as part of the activity?

What must be included in the final execution?
These are the non-negotiable elements that must be part of the work.

What is the total budget that has been allocated to this project and how does it break down?

What are key timings for this project?

How will the activity be evaluated?
The measures that will be used to indicate whether the work has been successful