Monthly archive November, 2007

Minnows in a world of giants

I did a panel session a few weeks ago with Russell at Promax, the annual conference and awards for the TV promotional people in the UK.

We were on the same bill (well they were on the main stage and we were in the studio) as some real giants of the media world ...

Why we love Innocent

The marketing community are often accused of being rather over enthusiastic about Innocent - harbouring feelings about it that aren't perhaps shared by the wider world.

Indeed you would have been hard pressed to find people out side the North London media community at this summer's Innocent Village Fete, I even spotted James Murdoch there.

I don’t want you to be my friend on facebook

When I say I don't want you to be my friend I don't mean you, dear readers.

I mean brands.

Even lovely Innocent thinks I might want to chum up to them on the social network de jour and I don't, I'm sorry I don't.

Emotion is the greatest form of interaction

Emotion is the greatest form of interaction