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What’s in a format?

Thank god for that, a few of you have started the ball rolling and submitted briefing formats.

We need a whole load more and from every corner of the globe.

Just got my mits on Naked, M&C and BBH's formats. We now need briefs from places like AMV, Mother, Wiedens, Goodby, Crispin Porter, 180 you...

What's in a format? Call for entries.

What’s in a format? Call for entries.

Kurt Cobain’s death certificate. To my mind most creative briefing formats certify the death of the thinking. Image courtesy of Night Star Rominus. I have an issue with creative briefing forms. I think they encourage form filling and no agency I have ever worked at has used one. However, even I get a little misty...
Now that's what I call a mash up

Now that’s what I call a mash up

Strategies from the edge

Strategies from the edge

I don’t like the word edgy. Edgy is appallingly overused in our business to describe work that that is uncomfortably unconventional.