“Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative” Oscar Wilde – Aphorist par excellence
Aphorism (From the Greek, to define), literally a distinction or a definition, is a term used to describe a principle expressed tersely in a few telling words, in such a way that when once heard it is unlikely to pass from the memory. Source: Wikipedia
Here ten of mine with the emphasis on the word terse.
1) In my day we make our own entertainment
2) New media is too important to be left to new media agencies
3) There is no such thing as a low interest category only low interest thinking
4) Every brand needs an opinion, opinions are the life blood of conversation
5) Ad avoidance has become so endemic it is almost a national sport
6) The IPA effectiveness awards wouldn’t win an award for effectiveness
7) Only poor advertising has a predictable result
8) You are more likely to be right by trying to be interesting than by trying to be right
9) What good is the fame that comes from having your ads talked about without the fortune that comes from having your brand talked about?
10)Great brands create culture, weak brands copy it

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