A shamless use of Woody Guthrie for no other reason than the photo is excellent and boy is that a slogan
It seems that the classic advertising slogan has fallen deeply out of fashion.

Though I have spent much of my career gleefully watching the brand slogan’s demise, I am not so sure that my callous disdain was entirely appropriate.
This is partly because of my new found interest in aphorisms and the power that they have to compress thinking into elegant and edible phrases purpose built for consumption, repetition, memorability and transmission. Slogans work a bit like that.
And partly because, if I am honest, I actually like them.
I blame post-modern advertising agencies (“let’s make a un-ady ad”), brand consultancies (“lets just describe what they do and in any case we don’t have any good copywriters”) and digital fetishists (“I can’t see a slogan working in Second Life”).
Together they conspired to create a communications landscape of dreary single word lines like True and Real, dreary colloquialisms like ‘Chin up’ and ‘I’m lovin’ it’ and dreary expressions of the bleeding obvious like ‘Carphone Warehouse. For all your mobile life’ and ‘Go. The low cost airline from British Airways’.
Heresy of heresies I’m not even sure about ‘Just do it’ or ‘Every little helps’.
And as for ‘Try something new everyday’ – great strategy but was the copywriter taking a sickie that day?
I want to fly the flag for the humble slogan.
At best these were never just ad ideas but big brand building thoughts like ‘A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play’.
Yes they use alliteration (the repetition of consonant sounds), yes they use assonance (the repetition of vowel sounds), yes they use rhyme (the repetition of ending sounds) and yes they use puns (the use of words that have two or more meanings). And what is so wrong with that?
These approaches, documented in more detail in Greg Myers’ Words in Ads gave us gems like:
Top people take the Times
Gillette, the best a man can get
No ring goes like a ringo goes
That’ll be the Daewoo
Beanz Meanz Heinz
Chuck out your chinz
You know when you’ve been Tango’ed
I predict the renaissance of the slogan.
I expect your contributions to my slogan compendium.
Here is a little tool I found on Pink Air to aid your sloganeering

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