Coffee morning shenanigans

Hogarth successfully captures the moment when, in Russell’s absence, today’s coffee morning got a little out of hand.

A veritable who’s who of the plannersphere (Paul, Simon, Amelia, Will, Charles, Henry, James and John) turned out today to drink coffee and talk nonsense at the Breakfast Club in the heart of London’s Adland. Blogging legend and coffee morning founder, Russell Davies, was conspicuous by his absence, however rumours of his untimely demise proved inaccurate following a twitter update that he was on the loo somewhere in the northern hemisphere.
As ever the conversation was erudite and intimidating and covered Agency websites, whether Russell plays squash with his banker friends, Will’s wonderfully naive belief that starting salaries in advertising were probably only a quarter of those at Goldman Sachs, whether Run London is a brand idea (er no), whether in the future homocide cases will be cleared up using twitter (dying of stab wounds in a gutter 2 hours ago), Will’s narrow feet (no really Paul has documentary evidence), Brands with authenticity holes at their heart, whether the Nike brand is just about showing off and whether blogging is killing decent planning.
Eventually we were turfed out by a coffee shop eager to make some money rather than house a bunch of skinflint bloggers intent on nursing solitary cappuccinos for 2 hours.
Lets do it all again next week folks – usual rules apply you don’t need to blog, you don’t need to be a planner and you don’t need to be a bloke.

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13 Replies to “Coffee morning shenanigans”

  1. Brilliant morning – think that we managed to balance moments of shining intellect (there must have been at least one?) with flashes of sheer bufoonery (I don’t think that I have ever written that word before but I think that it is the right one to descibe Coffee Morning)
    When Will insisted on taking off his trainers and showing us all quite how narrow his feet were and Paul insisted on documenting the occasion with camera phone, I knew that all those hours studying at university and all those late nights spent working on pitches were for a very good reason, to be a member of the “plannersphere.”My parents will be very proud.

  2. ‘Insisted’? I think Paul demanded evidence…
    I think if you ever get a chance to work on the Adidas account, that particular observation would have to be discussed.
    Sadly I think Paul’s attempts at a photo didn’t work, but I’ll attempt to provide some form of photo evidence during the next week.
    It was a cracking morning – thanks all. I think I’ll be able to make one in January.. no more this side of Christmas, sadly.

  3. I absolutely must cancel everything and get to the next one – seem to be missing out on all the good stuff due to those inconvenient little client meetings…

  4. This is a GREAT idea!
    If you all want to do one in Dorking then I could DEFINITELY have a coffee morning at my house. I don’t have a fancy machine but you CAN’T tell the difference between instant and fancy anyway.
    Who likes the sound of this? (My husband so far is NOT keen, but he’ll be in his shed).

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