I know I seem obsessed with Persil.

But here is how to make proper Dirt is Good advertising rather than the tat on our tellies. It is for Ala Omo, which is the equivalent of Persil in Argentina. It works because it turns the intellectual concept of dirt being good into something very tangiable and visceral, it is advertising that you become involved in rather than advertising you view. The endline is interesting too, it translates as “What they learn stays, dirty goes away”.

And guess what you are going to think every time you are about to bollock your kids for getting grubby? “What an arsehole I am”.

If you click through I have put up an English translation. If you don’t speak Spanish I recommend you read it first.

Thanks to Adstructure who posted the ad and translation and put me onto this.

Come on BBH sort it out.

Sorry mum,
sorry mum,
I got dirty
I didn’t even notice
Where was my head?
I was distracted saving human lives
Feeding my daughter
Your daughter
Your grand-daughter, mum.
It happened while I was helping others
Leaving behind illogical fears
Here, I got dirty learning to have ideas of my own
Here, learning not to be selfish
To interact with others
Playing like this helped me
To notice how important is to help others
to not quit in the face of trouble
Sorry mum,
Getting dirty I reinforced my self-esteem
So in future I won’t let anybody
Carry me away.
You already know it
Mum, do you forgive me for getting dirty?
It wasn’t a very mature thing to do.
I promise you…
I promise you that I will do it again.
What they learn stays,
dirty goes away.
Ala (the equivalent to Persil)

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