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The BBC is in trouble.

It stands accused of endemic audience deception – most specifically over the fabrication of phone and interactive competitions where the participants have no chance of winning and the declared winners are either fictitious or members of the production staff.

Oh and there was some argy bargy about the Royal Family as well but any opportunity to give the parasites a kicking is fine by me.

Of course the BBC is in the firing line because we expect rather more of them than the commerical broadcasters and because they are funded by taxation. It is very clear that the decline in production standards has been widespread across the UK television business.
One of the significant factors appears to have been the casualisation of the production workforce so that people are on short term contracts and move from broadcaster to broadcaster, production company to production company with no real sense of the culture and ethics of the place they are working. Moreover as the fare they are asked ot concoct becomes ever more crass they care less and less about the nature of the product – we are making crap anyway so why care about the quality of the crap.
And it struck me that before we all have a good chortle at the difficulties faced by the people on the content side of the fence we should spend a moment thinking about what we do.
If you don’t care about what you are doing you lose respect for the people that you are doing it for, the people you are communicating with and for your personal day to day output. And this is a very slippery slope.
To be quite honest thats why I think the vast majority of bad work happens (by which I mean work that is deceptive or disrespectful) – because the people creating it are past caring. whether this is because of poor organisational culture, intense pressures to deliver, abusive client/agency relationships or just poor quality talent.
What has hapened at the BBC should be a lesson to us all to start caring about the quality of what we make or ship out of the business altogether.

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