Gorilla – those remixes in full


Monkeys and Gorillas sell, don’t ask me why but they just do – from Tea to Digital TV to Chocolate. Image courtesy of roadsidepictures.

I am a big fan of the Cadbury’s gorilla ad and fully expect to see some stonking sales results coming in thick and fast. In the final instance I just think somethimes you need a bit of this – good old fashioned salience delivered by a fame seeking commercial.

For all the analysis, particularly online, I had overlooked they way it was perfectly built to be remixed – or simply have a new track laid over it.

So here are a few of the best remixes I could find on you tube. My personal favourite is of course Total Eclispe of the Heart.

Bonnie Tyler


Guns ‘n’ Roses

Deep Purple

Bon Jovi

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8 Replies to “Gorilla – those remixes in full”

  1. I didnĀ“t like the original one, but the version with “Total Eclipse of my Heart” is brilliant, it actually made me feel the joy that the original one failed to do…

  2. Question – do you in fact believe this ad was *actually* built to be remixed, or was that simply a rather generous assumption? I’m not convinced, cynical as I am, that was even vaguely the intent. I’m not knocking the spot, which, like many, I love, I just think it’s optimistic to assume any such web2.0 thinking went into its conception. I’d love to be proved wrong, because if so, maybe there’s hope for the medium yet…

  3. Never quite liked Total Eclipse of the Heart – though I can’t dispute it works well here.
    Other than that, Nirvana and Bon Jovi are both good – if it wasn’t for the unfortunate bit at the end of the latter – someone got a bit too keen in the editing suite!

  4. I love the Bon Jovi one – probably slightly prejudiced as I can’t stand Phil Collins. First time I saw it on TV I thought that it was going to be one of those ‘save the gorilla’ type ads with the close-up shots. It made me laugh – but I wouldn’t buy the chocolate…

  5. I love the ad, but how many people associate the ad with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk? I bet the sales of Phil Collins Greatest Hits and the creative team will benefit more than chocolate bar sales…

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