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Planning’s mid life crisis


Image courtesy of stoopidgerl.

Only planners would have spent the summer celebrating their 40th birthday. Unless I am very much mistaken, the creative fraternity aren’t given to marking Bernbach’s marriage between art directors and copywriters or account handlers to commemorating the launch of Microsoft Excel for Windows. But the Johnny-come-lately...

Orwell - the father of blogging

Orwell – the father of blogging

I have long maintained that the father of blogging was George Orwell. As a prolific diarist and essayist he mastered the blog post form over half a century before the rest of us and before technology caught up with his output. And now he has one courtesy of academics at the University of Westmister and...

Problems wanted


Mad Men, a simpler time of real men, real problems and lots of sex on mid century design classics. Image courtesy of Slate.

Unfortunately much advertising is self indulgent nonsense that simply serves to waste the client’s money and the consumer’s time.

Now that’s what I call loyalty beyond reason


Ferret racing in the rain at this year's Innocent Village Fete in London. Image courtesy of fimb

How many companies can get thousands and thousands of people to pay £7.50 to immerse themselves in the brand's experience for a day even when it pours with rain. This brand goes...