Now that’s what I call loyalty beyond reason


Ferret racing in the rain at this year’s Innocent Village Fete in London. Image courtesy of fimb

How many companies can get thousands and thousands of people to pay £7.50 to immerse themselves in the brand’s experience for a day even when it pours with rain. This brand goes from genius to utter genius.

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9 Replies to “Now that’s what I call loyalty beyond reason”

  1. It is a great concept and the true value of the brand is in the strength of the community, they have fostered a community that are likeminded and prepared to pay to experience events together, the brand is just the facilitator of this. It shows how aware Innocent is of their consumers, the key to their success from inception.

  2. Karl, the notion that anyone would be prepared to pay to experience an event with other drinkers of a smoothie demonstrates exactly how far up our arses some people in this industry are.
    Innocent aren’t ‘facilitating’ a community – they’re ‘throwing a bash’!
    I doubt you’d spew the same brandspeak about Virgin and V Festivals…
    People pay (a relatively cheap price in the grand scheme of festivals) to go to a decent event. This reflects very nicely on Innocent thank you very much, gives them fantastic exposure and generates huge word of mouth from Londoners.
    To imply that they are selflessly fostering a community of adland luvvies is deluded.
    Nice idea though.

  3. Use of overly pretentious language; guilty as charged. Over use of the word community again guilty as charged.
    However I don’t totally agree with what you are saying, yes I think Virgin is one of the best, if not a better example than Innocent, they know their consumers and what they want, it is how the brand transcends product categories, a core set of values across categories.
    You look at all of the truly great brands Apple, Sony etc they all create more than a need for their products, it is a want to be associated with ownership or consumption as it reflects upon who you are. It is why people pay a premium for Innocent Smoothies over any other brand they taste exactly the same.
    It is the association and meaning of the brand that draws people in, these people share certain values I am not saying that they are in anyway the same.

  4. Think it’s quite simple, they’re doing all they can to create advocates, and do this by all means. Advocates, I understand how they are of value to a brand and to a business. ‘Communities’ etc = language a little too wafty, interesting but not so useful.
    I haven’t noticed anyone up my arse dax. But there again I haven’t checked.

  5. A relationship is as strong as whoever wants it least. Clearly, this is a strong relationship. The magic here may not be the total value the community is placing in the brand, but the venue the brand is “providing” for relationship execution.

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