Brand vaccination

I’ve been thinking a bit about a concept that I introduced in the ‘meme doctors’ article. That of vaccinating your brand against competitive memes.
Brand vaccination might be a smart new way to think about your brand’s competition and what you can do about it.
Rather than thinking exclusively about aggressive strategies to attack and counter attack the competition, maybe thinking about how to vaccinate your brand against competitive memes makes for a much more interesting start point.
For instance one could argue that what Sky needs to do in the UK is not only to propagate its brand meme so that it is attractive to consumers but also vaccinate itself against the Freeview meme which is attacking it, that of BBC endorseed multichannel TV with no ongoing subscription.
I guess its a kind of defensive approach to life but how many times has a brand’s competitiveness in the market been undermined ‘at home’ while it was playing away aggressively trying to attract new customers?

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2 Replies to “Brand vaccination”

  1. I think they certainly adopted that strategy against the old On Digital. They produced leaflets and had reps go round to electrical stores explaining how Sky was two or three times more tv for the consumers money.
    They acted to protect their “more channels” status from the new threat very quickly.
    I think there is an inherent danger in defensive manouvres, but defense can most definitely be the best form of attack sometimes.

  2. I salute you my friend. It is thanks to you and your ilk that clients think advertising is a science, and makes them willing to part with their money which then goes to pay us childish drooling creative types obscene salaries.

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