Adliterate has been delivering radical thinking for the brand advice business for over a decade. It is concerned with the future of advertising and marketing, the impact of technology and the nature of potent brands. It takes a radical view in order to solve deep seated problems and it sets its self against orthodoxy in any form. It also aims to be deliberately provocative.

Because life is more fun that way.


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Monthly archive April, 2006

There is no such thing as a low interest category

Far_from_Dull--Dull3.jpg You see it all the time - Client briefs, agency presentations, awards papers - the great cop out. This is a low interest category. It's the universal panacea, the ultimate excuse, the dog ate my homework of the marketing world. No wonder the work is dull, the thinking is lame or the creative...

Adliterate aphorisms

oscar.jpg "Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative" Oscar Wilde - Aphorist par excellence

Does radicalism work?

DLG.jpg David Lloyd George, architect of the Welfare State and the greatest radical in British politics.

I hold something to be true. That radical thinking, particularly radical strategic thinking works.