After seven years of the original adliterate I have given it a bit of spit and polish. Although I had a fondness its ‘held together with string and blu-tak’ look the truth is the user experience was getting distinctly shonky and the woeful lack of professionalism was a source of personal shame.

So I have upped sticks from Moveable Type circa 1957 and set up shop on WordPress and as a result have wonderful new toys like spam filtering and social media icons and all of that stuff. Bad news if you depended on the links to own label Viagra and experimental pornography.

I have also tried to make navigation a little easier so that serendipity is more likely to accompany your visit to the site and you find something interesting.

But don’t expect me to post any more frequently mind – it comes when it comes my friends.

And by way of a celebration some people called Eloqua think adliterate is rather influential – it’s one of the leaves at the top of this infographic – which is rather charming of them.


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