Men of the London Rifle Brigade meet the enemy in no man’s land, Christmas Day, 1914 – the Christmas day truce between German and British soldiers at which fraternisation and football were the order of the day.

Sometimes, just sometimes people who are normally at each others throats lay down their arms and come together in a spirit of unity and common purpose

And so it is with WPP conferences, especially those organised by David Muir, a man that in the parlance of the time ‘gets it’

Last thursday David pulled together the tribes of WPP for a conference on Internet Protocol TV, which basically meant he dragged some of the brightest coolest people inthe IPTV space into a posh hotel for the benefit of dullards like myself to get up to speed with this stuff. That in a stroke is why WPP is a holding company Jim but not as we know it.
Anyway I’m now officially in love with IPTV as you should be dear reader. Not just the narrowcast distribution of content to our TVs (including addressable advertising – very exciting) but more significantly perhaps broadband TV channels working so far down the long tail they can monetise audiences that are smaller than people in the UK that admit to voting Tory (our Republicans).
If you are interested heres a bunch of stuff to get you going.
For one of the best examples anywhere of brand based IPTV visit Go Beyond TV. This is Land Rover’s IPTV channel – part licensed content from Discovery and part self generated content.
At Barrio305.com you’ll see an IPTV channel built round an audience not a brand – but well on its way to being a significant brand in its own right amongst Reggaeton fans in the Spanglish speaking world.
For a really simple example of IPTV you could do worse than taking a look at Momme.TV – delivering what is often user generated advice to mums and mums to be.
Jump.TV on the other hand doesn’t actually create any content itself, but rather repackages ethic TV for migrants, immigrant communities and business travellers who crave a bit of home.
And these days its as easy as blogging frankly. Sure you could built the tech yourself as Go Beyond TV did but its far easier to pop along to Brightcove.com and set up an account. Brightcove provide the back end for loads of these channels delivering the site and handling the ad income if yours is an ad funded model.
The hard bit is the idea and the content.
Thats where we come in dear readers.
Truce over.

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