Will your brand have a voice in the fast forward future?

If 92% of all ads are zapped when TV is watched off a PVR hard disk what are the implications for advertising? This presentation offers a number of ideas and scenarios about the implications of PVRs on brand communications. If you download you will get the straight powerpoint charts however, if you then save the presentation you can view a full narrative in the notes pages.
Download file

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One Reply to “Will your brand have a voice in the fast forward future?”

  1. Great information there :)
    Ive noticed a good quality shift in radio advertising with the take up of DAB. Theres some great adverts for Telewest broadband, Vauxhall vans and other brands on right now.
    Maybe radio will become the new tv for advertising…
    I hope that this PVR shift will lead to better creativity, with clients having to go for the good creative ideas instead of the dull safe ones. The knowledge that without a bold idea your ad will be ignored should light the heart of a good creative with joy.
    From my brief encounters with advertising people (im job hunting here!) it seems to me that many of them are much more forward thinking than they are given credit for, maybe they just arent allowed to push that vision because of the risk of upsetting big conservative clients.

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