Three years young


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Forgive this self indulgent post but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has helped adliterate stay the course for three years this month, whether commenting, linking or reading. Self evidently I couldn’t do it without you.

In particular your comments that offer a thoughtfulness and intelligence often lacking in the original post! And at best they not only get the debate going but take us somewhere new and far more interesting.

Incidentally looking at the 2420 comments so far, the first was from Rob Mortimer as was virtually the last. That deserves the blogging equivalent of a carriage clock.

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12 Replies to “Three years young”

  1. Hooray :)Rob seems to be everywhere now. Congratulations from a regular reader – or should I say lurker :)

  2. Really? Wow… got a link?
    Well done, your blog is like the Charles Dickens of the blogosphere, always thoughtful and well written. Hence why I am still reading.
    It helps you are a nice guy though, and much younger than I thought before I first met you at United!

  3. Great job Richard.
    Adliterate is rather like a good pub.
    Regulars (familiar names at least) sitting around engaged in lively conversation and usually something there to learn, think about or, dare I say it, rip off!

  4. Richard, I’ve been reading your blog since I first started out as a planner and its been uber useful since. I esp loved the advice for young planners and the planners vs brand consultants debate. I always find sthg evocative on here to get me thinking – great stuff!

  5. Most ‘planning’ blogs work on the principle of “Ooh look at this ad/brand that I found on someone else’s site”. Yours doesn’t. Which is why most other ‘planning’ blogs add fuck all to our knowldege of how the world works, and yours occasionally does.

  6. just out of interest what is the blogging equivalent of a carriage clock?

  7. I only discovered your blog about a year ago but have been really enjoying it ever since, though rarely comment. The 2420 comments may be just the tip of the readership iceberg. Blogging has been compared to pointless incessant barking but not this one: when it works it’s a great medium, and as you say the comments are ‘quality’.

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