Is it me?


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This website is usually known for its thoughtful opinion and considered approach. But I am having a Superbowl moratorium on well argued polemic. Is it me or were all the ads in the Superbowl complete arse? For christ sake if that is the best creative work that those brands and agencies can muster then heaven help American advertising. The madmen clearly have suffered worse head trauma than the players. I’d include a link to the inconsequential work that ran but you’d be better off spending the time reading a slim volume the worst poetry imaginable while repeatedly beating yourself over the head with a cricket bat.

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2 Replies to “Is it me?”

  1. That is – unfortunately – so true.
    Usually, after Super Bowl night I write an e-mail to my colleagues with a link to USA Today’s AdMeter. But yesterday I deleted my draft. God, was that lame.

  2. Watching the Super Bowl ads made me a little nervous.
    Because I’m a newbie Planner and the ads were created by a number of agencies a lot of people would consider quality shops. If all I had to look forward to in my career was working for agencies that created the kinds of ads we saw, well, that’d be really disheartening to me and the new generation of Ad people.
    I know there are some great shops out there doing innovative work. Unfortunately, they weren’t making the ads this year.

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