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Monthly archive August, 2010
How unspecial are you?

How unspecial are you?

Image courtesy of Lufitoom I was taking afternoon tea with the man-legend Russell Davies this week and amongst many random things we chatted about was the idea of Unspecial. I suppose at its heart Unspecial is about how similar we all are. While we all have our idiosyncrasies, we aren’t that special or unique as...
Nostalgia brands - what to do if you spot one

Nostalgia brands – what to do if you spot one

Image courtesy of NuriaGuttierrez. There are a group of brands that face a specific set of issues and that require specific actions to help them. All too often however, they are misdiagnosed and the wrong solutions are taken to market, solutions that at best do little more than simply waste budget and at worst contribute...

Do I not like crowd sourcing

Talk about jumping on the band wagon some considerable time after it has packed up and left town, Peperami is the latest brand to indulge itself in a little spot of crowd sourcing to support their nibblers sub-brand under the thought that they are ‘a little bit of an animal’. And harmless fun this work...