Adliterate in the flesh


A few years ago Paul Colman tried to sell a print out of this blog on Ebay. As far as I am aware no one was remotely interested. undaunted by this I have collected together the ‘best’ posts from adliterate over the past six years and had those lovely people at Newspaper Club print it. It’s called adliterate review and there are 20 copies for anyone that wants one or needs to replace their cat litter. An email to me gets one until I run out. Be warned it’s as turgid visually and verbally as the online version.

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14 Replies to “Adliterate in the flesh”

  1. I’m afraid that the first 20 copies have now gone. Everyone that has asked for one by now will get it in the post gratis. I’m thinking of doing another print run if there is sufficient interest though.

  2. I am interested Richard, though I don’t think you will ever see this after all the comment spam

  3. Am I in there? I remember doing some GREAT comments before the op but I can’t find most of them now.

  4. Mrs Belmont, I’m afraid that I have removed all the comments from the posts for the purposes of this publication. This is because the sheer number of your comments threatened to make the review some 126 pages long and because the quality of those comments was so eyewateringly brilliant that they made me look bad.

  5. Managed to get a copy. Thank you very much. I feel somewhat more prepared for building my career as a planner now; I read it daily!

  6. Second print run of 50 underway at the moment. Trying to decide whether to ask for the costs to be covered this time or to keep it free. News soon.

  7. Could always sell ad space to cover the costs.Your new business department should be your first customer.

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