T Mobile – Welcome back


I have stopped posting work from Saatchi’s on adliterate because that’s not really what this blog is all about but I thought I had to put up the new T Mobile ad. Shot at Heathrow’s terminal 5 on Wednesday, the three minute version launched last night on 80 UK TV channels in a simultaneous roadblock. It also embodies much of what we have learned in the last two years about participation which is perhaps a more appropriate post for this blog but perhaps another time.

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5 Replies to “T Mobile – Welcome back”

  1. T-Mobile – it’s so, so great to see you again.
    I have no idea what any of this has to do with a mobile network but I hadn’t realized, until now, just how much I’d missed the mob.

  2. Aside from a slight worry that the whole flashmob thing is due to jump the shark, I think it’s very well done. It’s entertaining and makes you want to watch it, avoiding the self indulgence that would be very easy with this kind of ad.

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