Queen Elizabeth II Bridge

The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge is a 137 m (449 ft) metre high, 812 m (2,664 ft) metres long, cable-stayed road bridge across the River Thames in south east England. It was opened in 1991 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The bridge is the southbound element of the Dartford Crossing, a strategic toll road crossing the half mile wide river east of London. It was built alongside two earlier tunnels under the Thames, which now form the northbound element of the crossing.

When it was opened, the bridge was Europe’s largest cable-supported bridge. As of 2008 by main span length it is the second largest cable-stayed bridge in the United Kingdom behind the Second Severn Crossing (6m longer and opened in 1996) and the 34th largest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

Source: Wikipedia

Taken for Active Assignment Weekly: Our Industrial World

Assignment: our assignment this week is to go out and shoot the plants along the railroad tracks or in that part of town where nobody lives. Or maybe an oil derrick sitting in a scenic landscape? In any case go forth and show us some beautiful industrial images. And if you get caught trespassing you’re on your own… :)

Restrictions: PP limited to basic editing – levels, curves, contrast, cropping etc… everything in the image should be what was visible when the shot was taken.

Dare: Shoot at night with available light and an exposure of at least 5 seconds.

What It Took: The hardest part was finding a way to get down to the river. The banks on both side are covered in either industrial estates with fences and security guards or docks with “stay out” signs and police guards.

Post processing: RAW conversion and perspective correction (the verticals were leaning in weird angels caused by the camera position)

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