Adliterate has been delivering radical thinking for the brand advice business for over a decade. It is concerned with the future of advertising and marketing, the impact of technology and the nature of potent brands. It takes a radical view in order to solve deep seated problems and it sets its self against orthodoxy in any form. It also aims to be deliberately provocative.

Because life is more fun that way.


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Monthly archive April, 2005

PVRs – less talk and more action

It is time we all stopped talking about the future of advertising in a PVR world and started doing something about it. I am working on 20 concrete ideas to get people started. It may end up as a more chuncky ten or as a more Cluetrain like 95. Maybe you can help me on...

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Opinionated Advertising

Opinionated Advertising Opinionated advertising is a new idea about the role that advertising should play in the marketing mix and the form it should take. Implicit in this approach is a disdain for well branded entertainment and the language of talkability that pervades many creative debates. You have two options here. Download the full article...

Advertising ‘junk food’ to children

Anyone in advertising who believes in its power has to be alive to the idea that a ban on ‘junk food’ advertising may now be appropriate. My issue is with the practicalities beyond the headlines. For starters what do we actually mean by junk food? is there a workable definition for what is a remarkably...