Monthly archive January, 2006

Opposites attract

It seems to me that there are two equally important things happening in advertising at the moment that are more than a little contradictory. On the one hand is the emerging popularity of what I call identitity rich advertising. In its current incarnation this appeared in the mid 90s with WCRS's work for Orange and HHCL's...

Douglas Holt has come to save us all

Some books I read and some I chew on. Chewy books are those where the thinking is so profound or ideas so counter intuitive that they are tough to digest. Douglas Holt's How brands become icons is a chewer.

Advice to young planners

I was recently interviewed by a Romanian advertising blog called iqads. Amongst other questions they asked whether I had any advice for young planners and I thought I would share this with a wider audience. They are short, sweet and incomplete.

Mid-life Crisis