Found a list of basic human drivers in Psychologies magazine – which I love – 16 basic human drivers listed by a guy called Dr Kevin Hogan. Always handy to have on you some basic human drivers. Got me to thinking about whether advertising has lost some of its naked manipultive heritage in the ’90s when we all said a brand ‘does excatly what it says on the tin’ and got all post-modern. Made me yearn for the good old days when advertising promised eternal happiness and we all looked like Darren in Bewitched. 1. Sex/romance
2. Acquisition/saving
3. Bonding/connecting
4. Learn/curiosity
5. Eat
6. Defence/fight or flight
7. Nest
8. Vengence
9. Status
10. Power
11. Loyalty
12. Order and organisation
13. Independence
14. Acceptance
15. Altruism
16. Physical activity
From the Science of Influence by Dr Kevin Hogan

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