Russell and Richard


Russell is a gent and he has done me the considerable honour of posting part of an inteview he did with me here . While the second session is here . To be honest I think the first one is rather better but you be the judge.

In a way I am finding that these interviews help hone my thinking better than posting to the blog – hope you can find something of use in here.

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2 Replies to “Russell and Richard”

  1. Unable to make coffee morning debut due to unforseen circumstances, so am forced to post my praises of both interviews (monologues?) – they greatly enhanced the nuances of some of the blogging and I recommend them to all readers, bewildered or otherwise. Loved the demolition of sponsorship too. Will see you at the next coffee morning I hope.

  2. Wonderful interviews.
    Incidentally, isn’t “…say no more” a great tagline for a film? It should be used more often.
    ‘Tom Cruise is Jerry Maguire …say no more’
    ‘Sacha Baron Cohen is Borat …say no more’
    ‘Al Pacino is The Godfather …say no more’

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