The adliterate address 2007

Scream if you want to go faster.
Normal service has been resumed here at adliterate towers after an exhilarating yet restorative christmas break.
I for one have been itching to get back to the business of figuring out what to do with this business and throwing it at you bones and all.
What I can promise you this year is a quicker pace, more radical thinking, some big issues brought to heel and crankyness galore.
Along with the Advocate (suggestions for January if you please) there will be two new ‘features’, a monthly brand focus that points up an interesting and newish brand worth mentioning in despatches and an off topic thread called ‘As I please’ in honour of George Orwell. But more of those later.
And of course this year its an APG Creative Thinking Awards year with some big changes we have been working on including a more internationalist approach, a Strategy Agency of the Year award and big prizes. And in true Advocate stylee I’m not going to sit around waiting for you to enter your genius thinking I am going to come and hunt you down with a big stick and wrestle the entries off you.
And to top it all I will turn 40 in June and will have absolute freedom to be as surley and cranky as I like.
Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats and scream if you want to go faster.
Photo coutesy of From Afghanistan With Love

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4 Replies to “The adliterate address 2007”

  1. “Theres three ways of doing things, the right way, the wrong way, and the Max Power way.”
    ‘Isn’t that the wrong way?’
    “Yeah, but faster.”
    Welcome back, and I look forward to taking part in more interesting debates!

  2. Rob – if only *I* was called Trent Steel..
    Richard: I’m liking the Orwell off topic idea. He did manage to write my favourite book of all time – ‘Keep the Aspidistra Flying’, which no-one seems to like as much as me.
    My Advocate suggestion is the HSBC campaign ‘Points of View’. Check out the microsite at

  3. Keep the Aspidistra flying in next after I finish ‘tThe Road to Wigan Pier’ and ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’.
    I am thinking about HSBC – not sure about it at the moment.

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