Adliterate is back

golden gate.jpg

That bridge shot from the Marin Headlands as the fog rushes into the bay. Image courtesy of John Curley

Been on my hols in the extraordinary and beautiful San Francisco. Clearly unable to post while in a California state of mind on account of feeling too damn nice to my fellow man. Now back in London and as cranky as hell so normal service will be resumed shortly.

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3 Replies to “Adliterate is back”

  1. Hello Richard!
    I’m VERY glad that you had a great break. While you’re still in holiday ‘mode’, now is the BEST time to play my advertising adventure game.
    Here’s the rules:
    1) Go to my blog but instead of just reading the key guru insights (as per normal), the object of the game is to try to discover the adverts I’ve hidden in the site.
    2) When you find an advert click on it and you’ll go ‘up a ladder’ to a NEW website. Great exploring fun!
    3) Immediately ‘go down a snake’ by going back to my blog and repeating from step 1.
    Do this a LOT and I 100% GUARANTEE that you’ll keep the feeling of being in California. To get you started, the adverts are all hidden in a column on the right-hand side of the page. Don’t bother with any other links – they’re literally red herrings.

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