Adliterate has been delivering radical thinking for the brand advice business for over a decade. It is concerned with the future of advertising and marketing, the impact of technology and the nature of potent brands. It takes a radical view in order to solve deep seated problems and it sets its self against orthodoxy in any form. It also aims to be deliberately provocative.

Because life is more fun that way.


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Monthly archive October, 2008

What’s in a format?

Thank god for that, a few of you have started the ball rolling and submitted briefing formats.

We need a whole load more and from every corner of the globe.

Just got my mits on Naked, M&C and BBH's formats. We now need briefs from places like AMV, Mother, Wiedens, Goodby, Crispin Porter, 180 you...

What's in a format? Call for entries.

What’s in a format? Call for entries.

Kurt Cobain’s death certificate. To my mind most creative briefing formats certify the death of the thinking. Image courtesy of Night Star Rominus. I have an issue with creative briefing forms. I think they encourage form filling and no agency I have ever worked at has used one. However, even I get a little misty...
Now that's what I call a mash up

Now that’s what I call a mash up

Strategies from the edge

Strategies from the edge

I don’t like the word edgy. Edgy is appallingly overused in our business to describe work that that is uncomfortably unconventional.