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Monthly archive February, 2011

Crimes against participation – part two


Image courtesy of freefotouk.

In the last post on participation I talked about the after thought issue that dogs many participatory campaigns and three easy steps to engagement heaven. I now want to deal with the second issue, the performing monkey syndrome.

Developing your own planning style remix

Here are the useful bits from the presentation I did last week to IPA 4. Thanks to Mr Tom Morton for pulling the whole show together and to all the planning heads that helped me by illustrating their distinctive planning style.

The problem with participation

The problem with participation

Now that’s a swisssh. Image courtesy of ..Emma.. The participation band wagon rolls on in adland with agencies and clients seeming content to sacrifice effective communications for a couple of the clinically insane and the entire staff of the PR agency uploading some old tat to a website in the name of ‘doing something on...