Small Birthday celebration

In March adliterate turned six making it slightly younger than my oldest son and slightly older than my youngest. In fact I bought the domain name on the 4th March 2005 at the height of the excitement about Web 2.0 and in the early days of the plannersphere but before we had even heard of social media – Facebook existed but Twitter didn’t. As part of a small celebration the lovely people at Imperica came in to do an interview about my middle child and about how the advertising business has changed over the past six years. I’m quite chuffed with it but for the profusion of expletives, which is how I fucking speak but looks fucking weird in print.

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4 Replies to “Small Birthday celebration”

  1. Happy 6th, buddy. Hope you’re well and keep up the good work. All good over here in SF, although I hear you’ve still got better weather.

  2. One of the downsides of having an ancient blog is the ancient software and the lack of spam filtering. Apologies to all of you that have had to endure the links to Kim Kardashian sex videos and cheap viagra.

  3. Only 6?
    Can’t say I’ve always agreed but I’ve always wanted to listen, and that’s the point I guess.
    I raise a cup of coffee to you

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