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Monthly archive August, 2006
The Advocate - September

The Advocate – September

Grrr.jpg The first candidate for the Advocate is Honda. Loads of people wanted to talk about it and there already seems to be some healthy debate on the subject - thankyou Neil and John. Let me pin my colours to the mast. I think what Honda and W+K have done...

Whose job is it to sell?


"Advertising isn't a science its persuasion. And persuasion is an art."Bill Bernbach, co-founder of DDB and creator of the legendary VW campaign

A planner asked me recently who Bill Bernbach was. I said that “he invented modern advertising and the fact that you don’t know who he is should be...
The advocate

The advocate

The Last Judgement by Rubens 1577 – 1640 So here is the idea. We love great thinking. We love great work. We believe great thinking and great work works. Right. So the idea behind the advocate is that we nominate a campaign we love and then we call upon the planner, creatives, agency or client...

Get your tanks off our lawn

A-1920-100.jpg I'm enlisting good women and men 'husky' or not for the big push, the ulitmate scrap, the conflict to end all conflicts. As we know the run-in with the management consultancies was a mere skirmish, the real deal is the mother of all battles brewing between the ad agencies and...

Ornaments or instruments?

pawilon.jpg Brighton Pavillion, described by Lady Sydney Morgan as a 'toyshop of royal bad taste' and like most advertising pretty but useless.

Advertising's ills are many, manifest and increasingly well documented. Many people out there blame the inflexibilty and self interest of the agencies (and I post extensively on this) but how...

Better advice for young planners

Agatha-Christie-1max.jpg "Good advice is almost certain to be ignored but that is no reason not to give it" Agatha Christie.

A while ago I posted some advice for young planners that I contributed to a Romanian advertising blog. It got a few mentions out there and a nice person from the US...

Avoiding World War Three – the ethics of sales promotion to children The ethics of advertising to children is naturally a hot topic. Who should be allowed to advertise, what should they be allowed to advertise, when should they be allowed to advertise and which advertising techniques should they be allowed to use? However, the ethics of promotions aimed at kids seems...