Get your tanks off our lawn

I’m enlisting good women and men ‘husky’ or not for the big push, the ulitmate scrap, the conflict to end all conflicts. As we know the run-in with the management consultancies was a mere skirmish, the real deal is the mother of all battles brewing between the ad agencies and the brand consultancies.
They want our lunch and they are no bloody good at it – handy with a logo but when it comes to business changing ideas they are woolley thinkers every man jack of them and slow and expensive into the bargain. Here is my opening salvo – a letter that appeared in Campaign this week.

Ornaments or instruments?

Brighton Pavillion, described by Lady Sydney Morgan as a ‘toyshop of royal bad taste’ and like most advertising pretty but useless.

Advertising’s ills are many, manifest and increasingly well documented. Many people out there blame the inflexibilty and self interest of the agencies (and I post extensively on this) but how about the clients? I have become increasingly concerned that the greatest threat to advertising is the way clients use it – not as a business tool but as a corporate bauble.

Better advice for young planners

“Good advice is almost certain to be ignored but that is no reason not to give it” Agatha Christie.

A while ago I posted some advice for young planners that I contributed to a Romanian advertising blog. It got a few mentions out there and a nice person from the US called Stacy asked if she could use it to send to client agenices in the US – she helps train planners in smaller agencies. And I got a bit self conscious since the advice I gave was rather thin. So I have updated it – a few more pointers and a lot more context. Of course you don’t need to be starting out to find it useful but I wouldn’t want to be that presumptuous.

Avoiding World War Three – the ethics of sales promotion to children
The ethics of advertising to children is naturally a hot topic. Who should be allowed to advertise, what should they be allowed to advertise, when should they be allowed to advertise and which advertising techniques should they be allowed to use? However, the ethics of promotions aimed at kids seems less of a debate when I think they have a potentially far more damaging effect.

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