Now this I like


Quick mini advocate ladies and gentlemen.

I think the holiday category is tough on the strategist – a commodified marketplace with loads of me too players driven by price.

But Lastminute’s latest campaign is a real gem – they are encouraging hard working Britons to take 5 holidays and breaks a year. I’m sure it is probably just a damn good promotional idea for January (making light of the 5 fruit and veg a day message) but if I were them I’d adopt it as their central brand idea. Its nice to see a travel agent with a point of view and so nice one Farm.


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2 Replies to “Now this I like”

  1. This example demonstrates how well the simple works. I like this! Do I get it right if I explain ‘position’ as some sort of a fundamental ‘opinion’, a ‘world view’ the brand takes towards something? And that something could be as much as life, mankind, a product category, its own role etc.?

  2. You are spot on Robert.
    What is important is that a brand has a point of view these days and hopefully a point of view about something consumers are interested in.
    That can be about the brand, the category or the more general concerns of modern life.
    For me it is the promise that keeps the position rooted and the brands POV credible.
    In the final analysis that is why consumers took issue with Benneton’s legendary ad campaign.
    And its also why I hate Corporate Social Responsibility – do something about the problems on your doorstep – don’t just hand computers out to schools if you are a supermarket.

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