Monthly archive June, 2007

Book review – Ad Land by Mark Tungate

One of the more unfortunate characteristics of the advertising business is that every generation believes itself to be the first.

If the work is wrong, speak now or forever hold your peace

I was talking to an eminent chap from the media world recently.

I was giving him my impression of media planners that was almost completely incorrect. He was giving me his impression of what we used to call account planners.

And I was rather shocked at what he said.

Why we still need the Carphone Warehouse

I have just had to get myself a mobile phone contract.

I guess that dates me since mobiles/cellphones happened after I started work and so I have never had one of my own.

So as a matter of course I went to the Carphone Warehouse (The UK's largest cellphone intermediary).

Needless to say it was a pretty grim...

That was the agency that was

HHCL finally has a proper entry on Wikipedia.

So if you are currently thinking about the future shape of a communications company save yourself the trouble and copy down what HHCL did a decade ago.

Don’t blame it on the creatives

It has of late become awfully fashionable to lay the many and varied problems of the advertising industry at the feet of creatives.

They are accused of many things including introspection, arrogance, irrelevance and rank stupidity.

And of all their crimes the ultimate is that they simply ‘don’t get it’.

Neither planners nor suits are collectively damned in...