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Boring people know the most interesting things

This is my first NMA column for the year and its about measuring the effectiveness of digital campaigns. Obviously there is quite a tongue in cheek theme about bringing the digital geeks and the research geeks together but the serious points are about looking beyond intermediate metrics, the folly of accountability and need for...

United we fell

United we fell

Image courtesy of Casual clicks Now that I am safely ensconced in my new advertising home I thought I’d put up some stuff from United London – the short lived but rather fun shop that closed its doors in April last year. While it bore very little resemblance to HHCL, the agency from which it...
The Advocate - January

The Advocate – January

Image courtesy of Threeminds. Ah yes, the advocate. I have let it fall a bit by the wayside recently but the new year seems a good time to get it going again and on Cadbury’s of course because we can now start to get a feel for whether the work was strategic folly or enormously...

The adliterate address 2008

Greetings adliterate readers everywhere and a belated happy New Year.

I'm not in the habit of writing self referential posts but a little bit of an agenda for the year never goes amiss.

2008 marks the third year in the life of this website, starting as it did in March 2005. And my sincere hope is that...