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Monthly archive June, 2008
Everybody still wants to work at Wiedens

Everybody still wants to work at Wiedens


Image courtesy of Kenny & B.

Ohhh look we've gone researchtastic.

Hot in the heels of the IPA Strategy Group's UK strategy community research comes the forth annual Global Planners survey from Heather LeFevre. Of the 798 participants surprise surprise the place planners most want to work is Wieden & Kennedy...

Happy Strategy

Happy Strategy


The default disposition of strategists. Image courtesy of Traci Bunkers

According to new research by the IPA we are overwhelmingly happy with in our jobs and optimistic about the future.

As I please – Time to change tack on tobacco


The definition of irony. A British Red Cross ambulance paid for by the workers of the Bristol cigarette manufacturers WD & HO Wills 1914-18. Image courtesy of brizzle born and bred.

As a life long non-smoker and rabid anti-smoker, no one has appreciated and enjoyed the progressive decline in smokers’...

The work fights back


It is time to get unreasonable in support of truly great work. Image courtesy of Antar.Ellis

Returning to the world of advertising after a short break, I am reminded of the fundamental truth of our business. To paraphrase the advice given to Bill Clinton during the 1992 Presidential Campaign, it’s...

Enforced advertising stinks


Image courtesy of M&G

Time for a quick rant.

I have long felt that the one of the guiding principles for advertising is that it should do some good in consumer’s lives even if they chose to ignore or avoid it.