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Great ideas can come from anywhere, my arse

Great ideas can come from anywhere, my arse

Image courtesy of Markus Nielsen There are many terrible cliches that lurk like sewer rats in the daily effluent of the advertising industry. And much like sewer rats they are always close to the surface, wholly unpleasant and bloody difficult to eradicate. By far the most pernicious and destructive is the now widely held belief...

Welcome back America – we missed you

The power of emotion

2630650760_a99ef2be39_o.png Image courtesy of

A couple of weeks ago I gave a little talk on the power of emotion in advertising. I thought I'd share a little of it because there are some nice examples.

I have also included a handy little PDF on emotions from Robert Plutchick...

Now thats what I call co-creation 2


After the huge success of the co-authored Age of Conversation last year, it is back but bigger and better.

This year 237 authors from 15 countries have put their minds to the subject of 'why don't they get it', with each author contributing a chapter.

I have written a manifesto which highlights...