Boring people know the most interesting things

This is my first NMA column for the year and its about measuring the effectiveness of digital campaigns. Obviously there is quite a tongue in cheek theme about bringing the digital geeks and the research geeks together but the serious points are about looking beyond intermediate metrics, the folly of accountability and need for greater ambition in digital campaigns.

As ever, enjoy.

Russell Davies is on holiday

As ‘Russell Davies lite’ I often get to fill in when the great man is otherwise engaged – weddings, after dinner speeches, visits of foreign dignatories, that kind of thing.

And so I did some holiday cover on his Campaign Magazine column recently. The first was a tongue in cheek look at the way social media is helping to build bridges within the marketing community – between disciplines and between practitioners in different countries.

An end to self delusion

I have started writing a regular column on advertising for New Media Age in the UK.

In this first article (which appeared on 26th July 2007) I comment on the way immediate and free access to the world’s creative product has destroyed the cockyness and self confidence of UK adland by showing us we no longer lead the world in this arena. In part I lay the blame on the sterility of the London agency landscape.