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No more Mr Nice Guy

A mentor of mine once told me that there are only two types of planners in the world - nice planners and nasty planners.

He maintained that by far the best kind were the nasty planners.

Image courtesy of thepres6

Russell Davies is on holiday

As 'Russell Davies lite' I often get to fill in when the great man is otherwise engaged - weddings, after dinner speeches, visits of foreign dignatories, that kind of thing.

And so I did some holiday cover on his Campaign Magazine column recently. The first was a tongue in cheek look at the way social media...

An end to self delusion

I have started writing a regular column on advertising for New Media Age in the UK.

In this first article (which appeared on 26th July 2007) I comment on the way immediate and free access to the world's creative product has destroyed the cockyness and self confidence of UK adland by showing us we no...

Every brand needs an ecosystem

I had the great pleasure, along with the entirety of the North London Croc wearing classes, of spending Sunday at the Innocent Village Fete in The Regent’s Park.

All the usual stuff applies about how lovely Innocent are (too lovely perhaps?) but what interested me was the brand ecosystem that Innocent is nurturing around...

Dynamic micro brands – Reggae Reggae Sauce

Time for some good old fashioned brand fawning.

Anyone from our business worth their salt knew that when Levi Roots wrapped up his presentation to the Dragons on the BBC's Dragon's Den in March that his Reggae Reggae Sauce was a sure fire bet.

The sauce, so far made only in Levi Root's own kitchen for...