Monthly archive September, 2007

Reporting from the digital front line

I still maintain that very few people in advertising agencies really understand what clever digital agencies can do for their clients.

And I had this further drummed into me last week as one of the judges of the NMA and Marketing Week's Interactive Marketing and Advertising Awards.

So I thought I’d jot down some observations...

Many a slip twixt pre-prod and playout

I have long believed that a planner's job must continue right up to the playout of an ad - not just working on the client's business but working on the ad itself.

For me a planner needs to be hold onto the project whilst it is in production and post production right up until the clock...

Genius doesn’t have a sell by date

There are a number of things happening this autumn to commerate the life and work of Stephen King the co (and coincidental) founder of the planning discipline (along with Stanley Pollitt).

My efforts have been focused on the inagural Stephen King Strategy Agency of the Year Award in November but the APG is also launching...

Gorilla – those remixes in full

I am a big fan of the Cadbury's gorilla ad and fully expect to see some stonking sales results coming in thick and fast.

In the final instance I just think somethimes you need a bit of this - good old fashioned salience delivered by a fame seeking commercial.

For all the analysis, particularly online, I...

Delicious insight ahoy

Led Zeppelin are reforming for a one off gig at the O2 in London on November 26th, so far 20 million people have tried to get a ticket.

And here is another thing I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime.

An insight in a razor campaign. I'll leave it to you to discover but...